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2 Way Putter Alignment System

2 Way Putter Alignment System

Improve your Putting. Guaranteed!

2-Way Putter Alignment System


2-Way Putter Alignment System

Fits on ALL Putters

snaps on and off quickly and easily

Proven 2-Ball Alignment Technology

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Are you tired of 3 putts in your golf game? Sick and tired of worthless golf accessories? Swing trainers that promise everything, but deliver nothing?

Alignment and Stroke are the 2 most important factors to your putting stroke. the 2-Way Putter Alignment System helps with both.

Put plain and simple, it works. Its portable, and it fits on ALL existing putters!

Based on the well known 2-Ball technology, this golf training aid / putting aid is unparalleled in its simplicity, cost effectivness and ability to improve your putting.

How does it work? It is quite simple. There is a magnet at the base of the golf training aid that holds fast to your existing putter. It with stands the contact of the putt and does not hinder your putting stroke at all.

In fact it does quite the opposite. By using the “2-Ball” swing trainer technology, you naturally develop a better putting stroke. You can visually see the imperfections in your stroke as the “2-Ball” technology passes over the ball just before contact and as the ball leaves the putter.

As you adjust your stroke, you will see how the alignment technology in this putting training aid is allowing you to send the ball precisely in the direction you desire greatly improving your stroke and your golf game.

Gary L. Bower, the owner of G.L.B. Golf and the inventor of the “2-Way Putter Alignment System” golf training aid, has been a Golf Professional for 23 years. His Golf Teaching Centers are located at 16 Golf Courses and Driving Ranges throughout Ohio.

Gary’s TV Show “Golf Tips” aired for 6 years on local cable television. He teaches over 80 people a week and many of his current students practice with the “2-Way“. These students swear by this putting aid.


Ease of use

Specifically designed for ease of use. Just pull it out of its case and snap it on to your putter, line it up and hit the putting green for some training. Our golf training aid / putting aid uses a powerful magnet that will attach itself easily to any putter. As you will see, with even a strong putting stroke, it will stay securely attached to your putter.


The “2-Way Putter Alignment System” exceeds the performance of the existing “2-ball” products available on the market today. All the “2-ball” related products available today, come in the form of an entire putter, that you can purchase for anywhere between $139 to $269. It costs only $12.95 when ordered from this websitete, and better yet, it attaches to your old putter.


The “2-Way Putter Alignment System” golf training aid was designed to be used in 2 directions. As seen in the images on this page, It can be swiveled forward and backward. In the swiveled forward direction, the putting aid will pass over the ball before the ball is struck by the putter. Some people prefer this method because it will show you, at the moment of contact with the ball, any deviance from a squared stroke. Swiveled backward, it works much the same as the putters that come with the “2-Ball” technology built into the putter, giving you a great alignment aid between the ball, the putter and the hole.

Your “2-Way Putter Alignment System” golf training aid / Putting aid comes in a handy, durable, reusable container specifically designed for easy retrieval and storage. The container fits perfectly into any golf bag pocket or sleeve.

For non magnetic putters, there are 2 self adhesive dots, one already attached to the bottom of the magnet and one “extra” self
adhesive dot located on the front side of the green packaging card. This putting aid easily attaches and removes from
ALL putters!

The “2 Way Putter Alignment System”, using the “2-Ball” putter alignment technology is the best swing trainer value for the money out there in the golf world for a golf training aid currently bar none.

Simply the greatest putting aid on the market today
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take it from us, here are a few testimonials we have received. See what people are saying about the “2-Way Putter Alignment System”

The golf world’s hottest and most popular putter is the “2-BALL” putter, because of its alignment technology. However, do you want to pay $139.00 and up for one of those brand name putters? Now you can own that same “2-ball” technology with our golf training aid for only $12.95.

“This is definitely worth the cost of 2 beers to improve my putting :)


Grover Arnold, Dayton, Ohio


"Hello Gary, This is by far the most cost effective investment I have ever made to help me improve my game. I am happily surprised how quickly this little device has helped me take strokes off my putting game. "

Amil Muzz, Sarasota Florida


“I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that with the 2-Way Putter Alignment System, I have seen my putting game improve dramatically. I have taken many strokes off my game consistently now and its mostly due to my putting game. I hit the practice putting green with my 2-Way before I tee off and I’m ready to go. Thanks Gary, this is exactly what I needed.”

Kit Spellman, Columbus Ohio


Are you ready to eliminate those extra putts for a minimum investment. Get yur 2-Way Putter Alignment system NOW and take those extra strokes of your game.

The 2-Way Putter Alignment System sells in golf stores, golf course pro shops and putt putt golf courses for between $14.95 and $16.95.You can purchase your 2-Way Putter Alignment System today from this web site for only $12.95.

2-Way Putter Alignment System:$12.95